Marty can be regularly heard on 3 podcasts, all of which he either co-produces or created. He also designed all the art seen below for each show - click the art for site/more info!

Second Best: A DnD Adventure

Real play D&D comedy podcast created by NYC improvisers. Marty is a cast member as well as co-producer and composer of all the original music on the show! New episodes every other Wednesday. [Second Best is also partially funded by over 25 listeners through Patreon!]

Making Number 2

Comedy duo Marty Scanlon & Ali Gordon improvise-pitch sequels and prequels for movies that do not need them. New episodes every other Thursday.


Two comedy and theatre nerds watch SMASH and become bros. Each week, our hosts Jimmy & Marty are joined by guest luminaries from the world of Broadway, TV, and comedy to celebrate (and at times, just comprehend) NBC’s short-lived musical drama SMASH.

Making Number 2 Live!  (photo by Allison Stock)

Making Number 2 Live! (photo by Allison Stock)


All cover art seen here was conceptualized and designed by Marty Scanlon